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Types Of Mold Removal Services


Most common fungus is called as mold which is different from plants, animals, and bacteria. Molds are eukeryotic micro-organisms which are the decomposers of the dead organic material like leaves, wood, and plants. They have spores and hair like bodies of individual mold colonies which are too small for humans to see without a microscope. Molds color is to be determined by the type and is influenced by the nutrient source, surface substrate and the age of the colony. It often appears black, blue or green. It often grows on damp surface in home and looks like tiny root hairs which can expand to cover many square feet of material. It can travel with the help of air and water which are very harmful to humans.

So in this case people wants to inspect their homes to prevent these molds to exist anywhere. Mold Inspection process is to be performed by an experienced mold inspector who has a formal training which is necessary for doing mold inspection. It is to be done for looking an evidence of past or current mold growth. Mold can grow due to water problem which will come back when recurring leak conditions returns. Mold inspection mostly done to look for mold within the building, inside walls, and in other areas where the mold can grow.

During the inspection mold inspector takes the sample of damaged area by mold like wood and send it to the laboratory for analysis to determine the molds and then an essential analysis is done to look for the source of moisture. Mostly molds grow on the sap of wood and keep growing endlessly when the wood is wet. In other cases dry wood stops the growth of the molds itself. Water is also the major source of moisture and a major cause of molds. If there is any water leakage present which is causing molds to grow that is also being taken care of. It can also be eliminated through repair of damaged area, vacuum cleaning, and water & bleach wash. Our mold inspectors help you get a mold free house


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